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We have a passion for the digital industry such as animation, vfx, games and many more. That passion has brought us together to create solid solutions.

After having years of experience in the animation and vfx industry, we noticed that most companies only have a limited amount of budget to provide technical support. So we decided to create a technical hub where you can get technical support on demand.

We can help out where needed and scale with your production needs.

Pixel-Nexus aims to become your technical hub to provide solutions tailormade to your needs, leaving you to create your vision without technical hassle and focus on your core business.


We provide a broad list of services, because we believe we can cater to your technical needs. Our services are scaleable and we can provide you with the necessary technical knowhow and guidance. We believe we can help out where needed and scale with your production needs. We take a human approach to technology and love to talk about all we can offer.

- digital asset management

- multi studio workflow/setup

- supervision

- architecture

- automation

- workflow speed up

- dev ops

- custom solutions and off the shelf solutions

- continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment

- consulting

- ...

- customize software

- software extensions

- packages and modules

- tools

- apps

- websites/web-shops

- ...

- application/OS/server/database/network-hardening

  (infrastructure hardening)

- infrastructure audits

- syncing

- ...

- code revision/review

- maintainability of code base

- code, infrastructure audits

- continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment

- ...

- workstations

- render machines

- servers

- ...

- programming for artists

- workshops

- group code reviews

- python for beginners

Soon we will start coding seminars.


Our Articles

In addition to our work with studios we do extensive tests and R&D. We intend to release articles detailing interesting and/or useful findings of the results. If you have any requests or suggestions for future topics feel free to send them our way.

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If you have comments or questions about the articles or our methodology you can always talk to us using the contact form or directly via email.

Shotgun Jira bridge

Shotgun Jira bridge | Kevin | 22 June 2020

Communication is very important and if we can centralize it for production, artists and developers that's more than a plus. In this article we look at the integrating Jira with Shotgun.

Working on more.

Hold tight, working on more | Pixel-Nexus | 2020

We are currently working on new articles.

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